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What's MEIN?? ​

In my world, is all mine to capture in my own way.  Whether it is children playing a sport, a crumbling building, beautiful fashion, or discarded items...I see something in all of it.  

With my portraits and styled shoots I so enjoy pulling the right wardrobe and finding the right background to create dynamic images. Although it is the person that is ultimately the center point, they are complimented by the surroundings, not overshadowed by them.  Each component is essential. 


When it comes to spontaneous photographs, I love the editing aspect of it.  Centering an image, sharpening the edges, brightening the colors, or just picking the most dramatic b&w option.  To me it is like putting the right shade of lipstick on before you walk out the door for an event.  Certainly you have to capture a great moment, or angle with your photograph itself, but the editing can bring so much more out of it, the finishing touch. 

I am very particular when I look at someone's social media profile.  Whether it is FB, Instagram, Twitter, or even dating sites, your photos are what you choose to represent you.  Like the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Shooting photos, or choosing them, for people for any social media, I am happy renovating profiles.  I will even help you with your copy,  a bad caption or hashtag could ruin the exquisite photo. 

My love of photography came from my uncle, a joyous, lovely and creative soul, who used us as his subjects all of the time. It wasn't until later in life, after modeling and then producing commercials and music videos, that I started getting involved in both photography and in writing. So here I am, showing off what's MEIN. 


Maybe what's yours can be MEIN too? 

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