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Make their heart race this Valentines!

Bold and beautiful, or soft and sensual. This Valentine's Day give the gift of boudoir. xo

Some of my favorite boudoir shots that I have seen, are those done by my dear friend and photographer, who moved back overseas, and for the most part has hung up her camera. While working with her, not only on my own shots, but helping with the art direction of others, I realized that in the boudoir world there are a lot of the same style photos. Lingerie, bedrooms, blown out lighting. Like opening a box of chocolates that are all the same thing.

Let's get kinky shall we? No, I'm not talking nasty, I'm speaking of using different elements, locations, and clothing (or lack thereof), to come up with sensual and seductive images that you don't have to lock up somewhere so the kids don't find them.

You can accomplish this in so many ways, and none of them need to be x rated. You only have to "imply" the naughty, the seductive, the tease. It's the suggestiveness, that makes good boudoir photos heart pounding.

The silhouette of the body through a sheer fabric, lit by the sun, is just as erotic and beautiful, as a teddy, and a button down oxford just as alluring as a bustier. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and you are enhancing YOUR personality, not trying to be something or someone else. That is why they love you in the first place, because you are you.

So let's get the spices out and cook up some delectable delights for your honey, and create the gift of desire this Valentine's!!


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