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We have all been cooped up way too long, looking longingly at destinations we have only been able to imagine being in. Now with some places easing most restrictions, those day dreams can once again become a reality.

Go take that adventure, and get some much needed fresh air! Dig your toes in the sand, hike near a waterfall, hop in a kayak, jump on a horse and explore canyons.

No matter what you decide to do, remember two things.

  1. You were just stuck inside your home for a year, so be grateful no matter what, of each day you get to explore.

  2. Your camera, your phone, paint and canvas. Whatever it is that will help capture those moments. You never know when you will have to be quarantined again, and these memories may help bring a smile to your face while you are.

Enjoy the sun, be safe, and get a smile on your face again.


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