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Warm weather and a strong real estate market!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The ease of restrictions from COVID, the beautiful warm weather, and this gorgeous location of Wilmington, has people starting to flock to the beaches again! Thanks to many companies keeping remote positions, it also means that those flocking may also be house hunting. With a lot of inventory going quickly, the buyer has to choose quickly, sometimes sight unseen. One way to ensure they are seeing the property completely is with photos that highlight the beauty, distinction, quirkiness, and location, of your property.

So clean out the gutters, wash off the pollen, organize the pantry, and then contact That's Mein Photography to turn your home photos into something more than the average picture. Let me help make sure your home entices the flockers!

Contact me today to schedule a time for a call, consultation, or shoot!


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