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Senior Portraits

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Capturing your High School Senior.

Senior year...last year for most parents to have their child at home. Last year for those seniors to hang out with childhood friends at lunch, or hangout every weekend going to the beach or movies. Last year to be part of their school's club, or sports team. Senior year. It is the culmination of 13 years of primary school, and up to 16 years if they also attended pre-school!

Those once cherub faced toddlers and kindergarten goers, are now young adults, about to embark on their very own adventure. At once heartbreaking and exciting for parents of these new adults, senior year is a milestone for all.

“One way to keep some semblance of normalcy, are with senior portraits”

In 2020 we saw the senior class miss out on many of those special moments, prom, graduation ceremonies, or just being able to finish the year together, in the same classrooms. 2021 is poised to do much the same, and continue to throw a wrench in the works of a HS Senior.

One way to keep some semblance of normalcy, are with senior portraits. I don't mean the cap and gown with the awkward hair and smiles. Somehow we have never graduated from the awkward elementary school photo, with HS class pictures being just as uninspiring. I am talking about Senior Portraits. Photos that actually capture the essence of your child. The joy, the beauty, the athleticism, the intelligence. Photos that show your child in their element, and that will bring delight to you as a parent, every time you look at them. Portraits that are gorgeous enough to hang on the wall, that are just as much of an art piece, as they are a memento of the end of a very wonderful era for your child.

As the mother of two, I have been photographing children for years, whether my own, or others. I have been involved in the creative industries for years, working in the advertising world, the production arena, and the marketing industry. I know that getting that perfect Senior Portrait is more than a great smile. It is the entire package, what is worn, where it is shot, and even the props that are used. The entire art direction of the photo matters, if you want that amazing and one of a kind keepsake.

Contact me today, to find out more about pricing, and the process for Senior Portraits for your child! Let's capture the good in this year.

- Hillary


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